1. They should place her at the end; each way…A few feet from the others, so she doesn’t bump into anybody. Or, maybe I take things too seriously.

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  2. Hello Adrienne,
    there is a very simple solution for this: Just imagine yourself picking up a pencil. There doesn’t actually need to be one, and you don’t really need to move your hand, so you could even do it while driving.
    You will be able to feel which hand you would want to use, because this would be your writing hand. So if you are right-handed you will instantly know: “this is to the right”, and vice versa.
    You can also use this technique to teach small children! They only need to remember if they are left- or right-handed 😉

    I love your cartoons, and although I live on the other side of the world, my kids are just like yours – and this is not only hilarious, but also oddly comforting 🙂
    Keep up your marvellous work!


  3. My husband is dyslexic so left and right are always hard for him. If we are driving and I am telling him where to go I have to say turn right my side of the car.

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  4. Wow.I am not alone in this world

    I imagine eating ( in our world we always eat with right hand, no matter what handed we are, so easy)

    And she said – ” other left ” 😂😂


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