1. In our area, it’s a Small town. People will invite you into their homes to give you the candy and talk to you about your family and such. When my daughter was 3, she was just beginning to understand what to do but not totally.
    She tried to walk into a lot of people’s homes. Funny, yet a bit embarrassing.


      • Last year these kids came down to our house and came right in (after trick or treat was over) and went into our dining room. It was not until we texted our oldest daughter did we realize they her friends there to sleep over. I was so confused because I had NO idea they were supposed to be over.


  2. I’m not into Halloween at all, but all of the scenarios you gave seem right on target Adrienne. I’ve seen those teenage trick or treaters and they really have no shame..no costumes and to old to still be begging for candy.. 14 and up is to old to go around begging for candy. Really, no shame leave the candy for the kids teenagers:-)


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