OK, where’s the spoon full of sugar?

I did this cartoon for Momtastic. It’s somewhat based on my kids… Claire will drink bad-tasting medicine now, but I need to prepare about 100 chasers for her. The taking-a-pill thing is still iffy!

(P.S. It’s also quite difficult to administer medicine to my dog! I need to do a pet version of this cartoon.)

Momtastic Giving Kids Medicine 500



  1. You forgot eye drops. My kids had pink eye when they were about 2 and 4. They would cry about the drops and I had NO IDEA if any of the medicine was getting in there. Finally, I had to bribe them with mini-marshmallows…one for each eye.

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  2. I dread any medicine episode with my youngest.
    On contrary I only have pleasant memories about my childhood medicine events 🙂


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