1. I would like to suggest a detachable third arm which also has the “extendo-arm” characteristic. This would prove very useful in a multitude of ways, from buying groceries (reaching items on top shelves without asking for a taller person’s assistance); carrying in groceries (you could carry two gallons of milk, or even four if you’re that talented, and still have a hand free to open the front door); to dealing with your child as he throws a whole body tantrum (two hands to restrain child and one hand to shield yourself from fierce blows. This would prove to be rather helpful when dealing with a child who refuses to put clothes and shoes on); to being more efficient at work (an extra arm allows for better multi-tasking, which generally means better productivity. Unless you can’t multi-task. Then you could detach the arm and work as you normally would). I could also pet three of my cats at the same time, which would not only make me very happy, but would make them very happy as well. Not to mention, it’d make a great addition to any Halloween costume.

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  2. I would go for a double or clone of myself … Both of us can help each other, be each other’s company, and play a lot with kids.


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